Santa Rosa Beach area waters boast 80 - 110 feet visibility!


The Emerald Coast is ranked among the top five dive places in the world for shelling. Sandbars about a mile from shore and a limestone reef, 3 miles out, are treasure troves of shells, some up to 20" and perfectly formed. Natural reefs run in short ledges (ranging from a few feet to a mile long), lending to  greater concentration of a diversity of marine life.



Natural Reef Sites


Amberjack Rocks

The area's largest reef system is within 3 miles of Destin Pass. About 80' deep, it is known for spear fishing black snapper and amberjack and shelling.


Long Reef

This reef is approximately 3 miles south of Santa Rosa Beach.. It features staircase ledges (2,000 yards long in 80' of water) and is known for lobsters and shells.


White Hill

Located about 20 miles west of Santa Rosa Beach, White Hill is great for spear fishing, lobsters, and shelling.


The Eighteens

Excellent for lobsters and large groupers, this is deep diving at 90-108'.



One of the most beautiful sites in the area. A natural limestone reef 6-18' high and 110' deep abundant with fish and underwater wildlife.



Artificial Reef Sites


Air Force Barge

Only of a mile from Destin Pass in  62' of water, this site is particularly suited to novice divers.


Liberty Ship

Well-known for flounder, the wreck of the Liberty Ship also attracts large jewfish and lobsters. It is approximately 20 miles west of Santa Rosa Beach in 80' of water.


Butler's Barge

This is the largest barge off Ft. Walton Beach, about 20 miles west of Santa Rosa Beach. An interesting wreck dive, 65' down.


Destin Bridge Rubble

Here, in about 62' of water, you'll find excellent spear fishing, particularly for flounder.



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